Photo by Kevin J. Thomson

Photo by Kevin J. Thomson

Born in Hong Kong with time spent living in Toronto and London, artist Viv Lee is currently based in the west of Scotland.

Graduating in 2017 with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in sculpture from the Glasgow School of Art, Viv's ceramic practice embraces the imperfections and idiosyncrasies of the hand, creating unique one-off and limited edition functional and sculptural ceramics with a focus on vessels. Using different stoneware clays, each piece is hand built through pinching, coiling and slab-building techniques.

Drawing inspiration from Zen Buddhism and western mindfulness practices, the process of making often takes place intuitively without a fixed idea of the outcome, allowing the material and the moment to dictate the form that emerges. This instinctive approach to making carries through to the glazing, as layers of slips, and glazes are applied quickly and spontaneously to yield unexpected results.

As a former florist, flowers also play an integral part in the ceramics, often providing inspiration for the making of the works and in the activation of the finished pieces. It is through direct engagement and use of these objects that their meaning comes through. 

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